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MailOnline iPad app With the clip, the Stone Cold singer wrote: 'Just knocking out Rocky (@officialslystallone) easy day at @unbreakableperformance.. #nobigdeal #boxingLEGEND #thenewcreed #ROXYBALBOA #Rockysdaughter #unthinkableatunbreakable.' In the sequence, which was shot at the West Hollywood training facility Unbreakable Performance Center, the Camp Rock beauty threw a series of few air punches before finally making contact with Stallone's chin. 'I slipped! I slipped. I swear it was an accident,' the Let It Go singer told the silver screen tough-man. The star of The Expendables, Rambo and Demolition Man uploaded another clip on Instagram in which he was teaching the Heart Attack songstress the basics of boxing for the camera.   Eye of the tiger: Stallone has taken a fatherly approach to helping Lovato learn boxing basics  Best in the world: There's arguably nobody better - in history - to learn boxing on camera from On guard: Demi takes on a defensive posture as she spars with the famed Hollywood stalwart 'The making of Rocky 8?' he wrote, along with the clip. 'Yo, You cannot totally believe everything you see, can you? NOT REAL But It was fun though…Demi is a good sport...'   In the clip, Stallone instructed Lovato on timing and positioning wearing a pair of white gloves, while she wore pink ones. A patient teacher, Stallone mimicked the course of events with the singer, as he not only instructed her on boxing basics, but also how to make it look good on camera.   Death blow: Lovato follows throughout with a shot that Stallone takes a dive for  In an Instagram clip earlier in the week, Lovato, who has dealt with body image issues, showed off her new-found fondness for martial arts as a device to keep her sound both physically and mentally.

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